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Hi, my name is Martin and I'm a self-taught front end web developer/computer science student who also has some back end knowledge and is eager to learn ethical hacking. I'm a passionate coder and will gladly embrace every challenge you could give me! By the way this is not an actual image of me.


Take a look at the technologies I utilize

The Holy Trinity
of Front End


Front End Libraries

React / Redux
jQuery / Bootstrap 4

Back End Services

Node.js with Express
MongoDB with Mongoose


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View some of my recent work
E-Commerce Shop

CRWN Clothing

CRWN Clothing is a fully-fledged e-commerce app where users can browse through the fake collections, store items in cart, sign in and sign up, process fake payments with Stripe API. It is built with React/Redux along with React Router and Firebase. Heroku has some performance issues though, so please be patient!

Demo Code

RGB Color Game

This app tests how well can you guess a certain color out of 3 (easy) or 6 (hard). It's also a great way to sharpen your intuition when it comes to RGB Color format. Here I've used HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Demo Code
Don't forget it!


A Full-Stack application to create, save, edit, like and delete your memories. It is built with Node and Express on the backend, plus MongoDB for persistence. The front end utilizes React and Material UI.

Demo Code
Keep yourself informed

Alan AI News

A fully voice-controlled React application. Talk to Alan to get the latest new or just to see how intelligent he is. Be it small talk or politics, Alan has something to say, and so should you! Don't forget to unmute yourself.

Demo Code
Some data visualization


With everything that has been going on in the world, this React data visualization app let's you take a quick look at the curve. You can check the global chart or filter by your own country.

Demo Code


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